About Us

IQ Mail Solutions was formed around a simple desire – to become your innovation partner in Data Driven communications.

As a provider of direct marketing and intelligent data services for over fifteen years IQ Mail Solutions delivers results with cutting-edge printing and publishing technology. IQ Mail Solutions bring businesses of all sizes the customisation and flexibility they crave.

With smart variable data publishing solutions and multi-channel marketing capabilities, we go well ‘beyond your ordinary’ to be a full-service digital print and mailing bureau.

From Direct Mail and publishing runs that are completely customisable to comprehensive TransPromo services that give you the ability to take invoices and bills to a whole new level, IQ Mail Solutions’ team can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed on every level.

What Makes Us Different?

Beyond our experience and the technology we use every day, the team at IQ Mail Solutions is dedicated to your complete direct marketing success. We can help with data mining, create detailed reports of your customers and give you the full scope of print and mailing services – whether you need one piece, or one million. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art print technology and intelligent mailing equipment to make sure your promotion truly shines and gets the attention it deserves.

Ready to find out more? Simply give us a call or fill out our free, no obligation quote form and tell us about your project.

Don’t wait until your competitors catch up! Build brand awareness, increase response and a reach your customers and prospects like never before – your Data Driven Innovation partner



Company Specialisations

Direct Mail Marketing
Data Driven Innovation
Data Driven Innovation
Data Mining
Short Run Publishing

What Our Clients Say

  • IQ Mail new web-fed digital press has enabled our marketing team to take things to a whole new level. We can now segment markets like never before and without the hassle of managing stock

    KC – Club Marketing Manager
  • It was amazing to see how customised our mail pieces could be simply by using the data we already have on our customers – it was true one-to-one marketing

    OT – DM Manager Financial Services
  • Every mail piece different, personalised and customised – our response rates are through the roof

    AB – Donor Manager Not for Profit
  • I must say my experience with IQ Mail has been way above expectation, not only from a customer service point of view but from the value proposition they have added to my DM. I now have an avenue to reach my prospects with highly targeted offers that get results

    DD – Retail Marketing Manager
  • IQ Mail’s new Full Colour variable printer is a game changer – no more overprinting offset stock for large production jobs. I can now have all my Direct Mail printed in one process, full colour with unique content for each customer and in a quicker turnaround

    WY – Marketing Manager Business Services
  • Thanks to IQ Mail my 12-page A4 catalogues are now completely customised based on customer demographics and purchase history – my customers are now buying and spending more on products that suit their profile

    JH – Mail Order Products