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Variable Data Publishing

Long gone are the days of mass-produced mailers stuffed with canned, generic messages. Today’s real-time, precisely-targeted consumer demands greater customisation and more insight into the brands they love, as well as brands they’ll love discovering.

Variable data publishing makes that possible. Much more than just a typical “mail merge”, variable data allows for precise layering of customised text and/or images, letting companies target prospects and communicate with their customers like never before. Using a process known as ‘versioning’, IQ Mail can completely customise the document to create a unique, dynamic and relevant communication or marketing tool. The return on investment can be as high as 15 times the typical response rate for non-customised mailings.

Going Beyond the Name

You’ve no doubt received Direct Mail featuring your name printed throughout the piece. Several years ago, this was the pinnacle of customisable printing technology. Today, however, there are a wide variety of personalised angles to employ in order to make your message connect with customers in a way that emphasizes and embraces their values.

Rather than the printed piece becoming the focal point of the campaign, as it was in the past, variable data publishing makes the customer the centrepiece. In this case, customer insights create a vital foundation for effective variable data printed communications. Once the data intelligence is applied, variable data applications become viewed as a relevant announcement in the customer’s mind, rather than a communication of ‘low importance’ that fails to connect.

What Kinds of Data Can Be Used?

There’s no limit on the type of data that can be used to drive a variable data publishing campaign. Everything from gender and age, to marital status, number of children, and even purchasing history can be leveraged in crafting a message that speaks to them. Campaigns can differ depending on crucial factors such as the customer’s household income and geographic profile, for example.

Much More than Mail

Another key benefit of variable data publishing is that it can carry well beyond the printed page. By extending the campaign to digital channels such as web, mobile and email we can deliver targeted, consistent and dynamic messages that can greatly increase the chances of a successful conversion.

Ready to learn more about how your company can use variable data publishing to the fullest? Contact IQ Mail, today to learn more and get a free, no obligation quote for your next project.

Full Colour, High Speed Variable Printing

Turn essential mailings into innovative marketing documents that get noticed and get results.  Using our new duplex Truepress 520, IQ Mail has the ability to not only personalise a mailer in full colour but also uniquely customise each printed piece. Increase response rates, strengthen customer loyalty, improve brand awareness and gain greater outreach potential.


–  One to One Communications
–  Loyalty & Rewards Programs
–  Annual Reports & Policy Documents
–  Share Prospectuses & Shareholder Documents
–  Lead Generators
–  Travel Related Documents
–  Rates Notices & Utility Notices
–  Academic Documents
–  Personalised Book Publishing
–  Customer Welcome Packs & Surveys



Why send out stale, old, boring statements & invoices when you can turn them into yet another arm of your marketing campaigns? TransPromo makes it possible. By combining transactional documents with promotions, TransPromo allows companies of all sizes to turn casual bills into sales vehicles.

Precisely Targeted Messages

One of the major benefits of using TransPromo marketing in your financial documents is the ease with which messages can be customised and tailored to the customer’s needs. By precisely targeting the timing and relevancy of information such as upcoming sales, special demographically-targeted offers and other upsells and cross sells, you can greatly increase your promotion’s effectiveness without straining your budget.

And that’s just one example TransPromo marketing allows you to finely tune your marketing message in a way that’s direct, relevant and appreciated by the consumer.

Full Colour Brilliance

Another major reason why today’s savvy companies leverage TransPromo applications is the stylization and design freedom it gives them. With full-colour flexibility, marketers can leverage essential documents to attract attention and drive an action.

Why waste all that white space? Use highlights, coloured text and images to create highly targeted announcements that generate income rather than just serving as operational documents.

Long Term Re-Targeting Capabilities

Because customers are more likely to keep invoices and other financial documents for quite some time, your company’s ability to stay front-of-mind is greatly improved by using TransPromo marketing. Of course, for your TransPromo campaign to be successful, you need a partner who understands the many strategies that this unique channel provides, and can help you get the most from your promotions.

Call IQ Mail today to learn more about how TransPromo can improve your bottom line while driving a whole new layer of connection and retention with your audience.


–  Greater return on investment than typical transactional mailings
–  Creating the opportunity for greater incremental sales revenue
–  Environmentally-conscious, lowers the cost of direct mail
–  Increases valuable exposure to the customer while increasing remarketing odds over time
–  Increases customer spending by cross-selling and up-selling related products and services
–  Allow outside vendors to market in associated white-space for greater revenue
–  Eliminates pre-printed stock, reduces call-centre volume and allows for improved mailing consolidation
–  Strengthen customer relationships and referrals
–  Improves overall branding and strengthens customer loyalty
–  Allows for greater customer response through the use of colours, graphics and other embellishments


Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing makes it possible to reach your customers through a variety of methods – any of which can be used to close a sale and potentially secure a customer for life. Multi-channel marketing puts the choice back in the customer’s hands and lets them take advantage of multiple mediums including print, email, online and mobile.

So why should you consider multi-channel marketing from IQ Mail? It’s simple – you need to be where your customers are…and if you aren’t, you can bet your competitors will be. What’s more, research tells us , multi-channel marketed customers can spend 3-4 times more than single-channel marketed customers.

That means, when you employ a multi-pronged approach to reaching out to your target base, they’re much more likely to spend more time, more money and more interest in your company and products

A Powerful Multi-Channel Marketing Platform

IQ Mail has the technology and the expertise to leverage full-scale multi-channel marketing campaigns that deliver results. Through our comprehensive platform, we can help you intelligently segment customers, promote both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, leverage event-based actions and real-time decision-making and much more.

So much of what makes multi-channel marketing effective is its ability to be flexible and responsive when the customer is in the buying and decision-making phase. The key to making sure a multi-channel campaign is successful involves knowing your customer, and providing consistency at every step.

–  Engage your Customers
–  Accelerate Response Rates
–  Improve Brand Recognition
–  Increase Customer Loyalty

Count on IQ Mail to be your multi-channel mentor and partner in all things direct marketing. With the capabilities, experience and technology to deliver superior solutions, we make it easy for customers to come to you – and enjoy a seamless experience from every angle.


Short Run Digital Publishing

Magazines, educational textbooks, trade publications and technical journals, are just some of the applications that benefit from short run digital printing.  Economically print short runs to meet specific eeds of specialised or customised publications.

What does this mean for you?

It’s simple. By leveraging high quality, digital inkjet printing technology, short run publishers can eliminate the high costs and tedious management of printing, binding and distribution. Print on demand makes it easy for short-run publishers to print anywhere from 1 – 5,000 books without sacrificing quality or speed. That means you get the benefits of great presentation, without the typical high costs of low volume offset printing.

–  Print only what you need
–  Faster Turnaround
–  Less Initial Cash Outlay
–  Less Waste
–  Target Your Audience

Variable Printing Technology

What’s more, because short run publishing has become so powerful, new advances, including variable print technology, are now within the grasp of the everyday author and editor. Variable print technology (also known as VDP) allows for more specialised publication targeting to the point where it feels as if each issue has been custom-printed just for the reader.

Ready to learn more about how to take your marketing to the next level with VDP and short-run publishing solutions?


Data Mining & Reporting

There is a wealth of information stored in your database – valuable information that will improve the way you market to your customers to result in better quality campaigns, increased response, reduced costs and the development of new products. IQ Mail can show you how to utilise this information to best grow your business.

Lifetime Value of Customers – Do you know the true value of your customers?

By calculating the Lifetime Value of your customers we can accurately measure your customer acquisition costs, your profitability, and determine when you break even  This vital information will enable you to identify sources of customers who are profitable in a set time, and those who aren’t – resulting in better use of resources and increased profitability. With Lifetime Value determined, you can predict the impact of changing variables – or the “What If’s” in your marketing campaign – a critical component in developing successful marketing strategies and tactics. This essential calculation will also provide you with accurate strategic analysis by market, list, campaign, or pricing structure.

Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Customer profiling can tell you who your customers are and how they behave. Information such as age, gender, income, education and buying habits can help you to produce targeted marketing messages, offers, and/or products. You can also use this information to identify the primary characteristics of your most and least profitable customers. When you have identified who your most profitable customers are, we will help you target more just like them.


Predictive Modelling

Are you continually wasting mail on customers who don’t respond? What if you could predict who is likely to respond to your offer? Through effective modelling, we will show you how to eliminate your unprofitable customers, maintain your revenue, and increase your profitability. By using efficient Predictive Models, you could save up to 30% of your mailing costs.


Learn more about your customers… and profit from it!

Through applying data analysis and profiling applications to improve and effectively target your direct marketing, IQ Mail will:

–  Establish and identify exactly who your best customers are
–  Mail more to your best customers
–  Eliminate non-responders
–  Tailor your creative to perform better with your customers
–  Calculate and increase the lifetime value of your customers


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